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    a backpack which is as flexible as you can only wish. You simply use the space you need. Our design of the cord allows you to adjust the size of the backpack, no matter if for the transport of climbing equipment, helmet, football, shoes and much more. By the way, the cord brings also color and variety in your life – simply choose your new color and replace the cord. Another highlight is the timeless design. It fits in today’s generation, into the future and it would have had enough space in the past.

    The backpack of FRANEK DESIGN® is fully developed, designed and sewn in Switzerland. The backpacks will only be produced on request, therefore none of them is lying around on the store shelf, only there where they belong – Home sweet home.

    The number under which we have registered you and your backpack makes it perfect. It's a kind of DNA that makes each of our products unique, none is like the other. It owns your DNA.

    We protected our design and this guarantees you an exclusivity, that you only get from us.

    Franek Design Logo Unser Rucksack Charlie

    We also leave nothing to chance...

    neither in the positioning of the cord stopper, nor in the material. Both backpacks are made of very resistant Cordura®. Where could you test the robustness of a material better than in action? The material is used from the army and the marine for clothes, shoes and much more, thereby it is exposed to extreme conditions such as heat, sun, humidity or sandstorms. Franek Design cooperates only with companies which meet the high quality requirements.

    Rucksack Charlie


    our backpacks should last a long time. When you wear a t-shirt, every movement generates friction so that the smallest fine parts will be detached. The same thing happens when using the backpack: the content rubs against the inner surface and thereby some material is coming off so that the material of thin fabrics will be soon rubbed through. In order to prevent this, FRANEK DESIGN® is using two-layers and one of the most resistant materials, Cordura®. No saving on material. It looks not only beautiful, but it's also extremely hard-wearing.

    Rucksack Charlie

    "Franek Design cooperates only with companies which meet the high quality requirements."


    1 / 4
    Rucksack Charlie und die Innentasche

    The inside pocket has three separate pockets, e.g. for your smartphone, wallet or other items. We are using here also two-layers and the resistant material Cordura®.

    2 / 3
    Das Geheimfach

    Inconspicuous? Right, hardly to see but nevertheless available, the secret pocket. On city-trips, at concerts or just during the shopping: in this secret pocket you have the possibility to store your wallet, smartphone or other valuables.

    3 / 4
    Der Klettverschluss

    The end of the strap can be attached using the Velcro fastener, so that it does not get in your way. Robust and discreetly in the background.

    4 / 5
    Bild mit Regen

    Should you ever get in a rainstorm, no problem. The backpack has a water, oil and soil-repellent impregnation and consists of two layers. Furthermore, the yarn consists of water repellent polyester and therefore it doesn’t absorb moisture.

    5 / 5
    Rucksack Regenhaube

    As a little bonus FRANEK DESIGN® offers you a kind of rain hood which can be attached to the opening of the backpack. Efforts were made to ensure that the rain hood, stylishly integrates in the design and the contours are preserved. If you don’t use the rain hood you can just stow it in the secret pocket.

    Backpack Sizes / Prices

    Backpack Size Charlie Maverick
    Height 50 cm 60 cm
    Width 25 cm 25 cm
    Depth 12 cm 12 cm
    Weight 550 g 690 g
    Volume 10-20 L 15-27 L
    Prices* Charlie Maverick
    Switzerland incl. VAT CHF 480.00 CHF 520.00
    Europe excl. VAT EUR 417.00 EUR 452.00
    Worldwide excl. VAT USD 446.00 USD 483.00

    *excl. shipping costs - for further details, see Payment & Dispatch.


    FRANEK DESIGN® – Charlie & 
			Maverick army green - wine red - black - darkblue.

    Maverick - front view

    Our unique backpack – personally made for you.

    Maverick – side view

    Maverick: Inner Fabric beige - Outer Fabric dark blue - Cord beige

    Maverick - side view

    Maverick - front view

    Maverick: Inner Fabric army green - Outer Fabric black - Cord dark blue

    Charlie - front view

    Charlie: Inner Fabric army green - Outer Fabric wine red - Cord grey

    Charlie - side view

    Charlie - side view

    Charlie - zoom view..

    Charlie - front view.

    Charlie: Inner Fabric pink - Outer Fabric black - Cord white

    Charlie - front view.

    Charlie: Inner Fabric pink - Outer Fabric black - Cord blue

    Charlie - side view.

    Maverick - front view.

    Charlie: Inner Fabric beige - Outer Fabric dark blue - Cord light blue

    Charlie - back side.

    Charlie” with the emblem of FRANEK DESIGN®.

    Charlie – different volumes/sizes (minimum/average/maximum)

    Man nimmt einfach den Platz den man gerade braucht.

    FRANEK DESIGN® Backpack with rain hood.

    As a little bonus we offer you a kind of rain hood, which can be attached easily and quickly and you still are stylish on your way.

    Great view, mountains, pure nature with Maverick.

    Charlie is also on a mountain tour the perfect companion and definitely an eye-catcher – also at this beautiful place.

    Backpack shoulder straps from the front.

    Ergonomic shoulder straps

    A man is carrying „Maverick“ on his back.

    Maverick: Innen Fabric army green - Outer Fabric black - Cord dark blue

    A man is carrying „Maverick“, lateral view

    Backpack Maverick.

    Our Maverick: Adjustable volume between 15-27 L

    Charlie“ with a white cord – lateral view.

    The crown formation of the backpack.

    Crown formation

    A backpack of Franek Design, highest finishing 

    Our passion for perfection...



    Take control and order now your personal backpack.